Services for better use of the Chinese market

Services for better use of the Chinese market

Knowing the Chinese market is essential for small and medium businesses that hope to trade with the country with the largest population in the world. Nevertheless, it’s not easy to acquire this knowledge, because the socio-political reality of this nation is complicated and the requirements for negotiating, even though they have become more flexible, they continue to be areas in which only the most renowned experts can offer valuable advice. Our company has spent years working with a far-reaching team of specialists, thanks to whom we have become leaders in the field of verifying suppliers.
Our work group is composed of buying experts, factory auditors, quality control engineers, logistics and supply chain managers. Together with them, we offer various services that allow us to cover the multiple necessities of our clientele around the world. 
We have been working together for more than five years carrying out negotiations and during this period we have established relations with more than 300 foreign companies. Our experts work in areas such as imports, exports, shipping, personalized controls, documentation.

Among the most important perks we offer you will find:

a) Expertise. Our specialists have a deep knowledge of most industries, such as textiles, electronics, plastic products, construction products, etc.
b) A large network. We count on a network of quality distribution control inspectors throughout the entire country. Therefore, we offer inspection services anywhere our client needs a complete quality control revision.
c) Connections. Since we have been involved in the Chinese market for a long time, we have established cooperative relations with hundreds of factories, in different industries.
Our company has worked especially with those small and medium-sized businesses that need import/ export services. They have turned to us for various reasons. For example: this business doesn’t have an import/ export license; the Chinese dealer for this company doesn’t have an import/ export license; the business’ Chinese needs to send large amounts of products abroad, or because it needs to send a sample abroad, or else this company has an exportation license, but can’t count on personnel able to handle exportations.
We count on an import/ export license, so we can cover the aforementioned needs. In addition, interested people can find up-to-date information about Chinese commercial law, their tax system, as well as other services that we offer, also.
The Chinese market seems to become more and more attractive, above all for small and medium-sized businesses; although, in order to make the most of the advantages of this billionaire market, it’s necessary to obtain several consultations and to establish alliances with companies like ours. After years of working in this market and with connections with more than 300 businesses, we are a serious company, experts in the subjects of import/ export, investments and quality control inspections.

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