How can I open a bank account in the United States?

How can I open a bank account in the United States?

Opening a bank account in the United States has become a necessity for thousands of people around the world who, to protect their assets or carry out new affairs, they need to manage a bank account in an American financial institute or simply for gathering PayPal credits or some other e-wallets.
Almost all banks in the United States open checking accounts for non-residents; but this requires two steps: the physical presence of the account holder and the presentation of a utility bill (receipt of a bill payment for a phone, electricity, internet, gas, etc., account, in the account holder’s name and with an address in the United States).

Because they are uncompromising regarding the physical presence for opening a bank account in the United States, it is completely obligatory.
There’s a very safe way to obtain a utility bill which guarantees that, without residing in the United States or having a permanent domicile there, you can receive this precious document.

Before starting to explain how to obtain the utility bill, we should make it clear that, according to our experience, the fastest and most efficient bank for opening bank accounts is the Chase Manhattan Bank, a prestigious banking institution with decades of activity in the financial sector that has branches throughout the United States.

To open the account you need:

  • Present your passport
  • Make a minimum initial deposit of 100 dollars (this bank charges bank fees of 15 USD if the balance is lower than 1500 USD).
  • Present the Utility Bill (to find out what to do to obtain a utility bill, purchase our KIT “open an account in the USA” for only 99 USD.

The US Banks opens accounts only for natural persons, not foreign companies.
Another way to obtain the indispensable utility bill is to request a temporary driver’s license in the United States. This mechanism works well, but no better than the Metro telephone line, since officials take their time with the temporary driver’s license, while the telephone line is activated immediately following payment. We always advise opening an account with the large banks in the United States, because they have fewer obstacles for opening checking accounts than smaller banks.

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