Hua Nan Financial Holding

Hua Nan Financial Holding

Description:As of end of 2007, HNFHC has 7 subsidiaries, including HNCB, Hua Nan Securities, South China Insurance, Hua Nan Investment Trust, Hua Nan Venture Capital, Hua Nan Management Consulting Company and Hua Nan Asset Management Company. As of the end of 2008, HNFHC boasts an asset of NT$1,710 billion, an common stock of NT$60.9 billion, 9,539 employees, and 283 domestic and 10 overseas branches and offices. By developing banking, insurance, securities and asset management businesses, HNFHC would be able to provide comprehensive and first-class financial services while maximizing shareholders value. Having a diversified growth engines and synergies achieved within the group, HNFHC will be on track to become a leading financial holding company in Taiwan.
Type:Private and Corporate Banking

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