Description:"A bank should and indeed must be primarily a provider of services. Our market success is gauged first and foremost by how well it performs this function. The yardstick is customer satisfaction, to which we at Commerzbank group are wholeheartedly committed. We see ourselves as an efficient provider of financial services for demanding private customers in Germany. We are also the creative relationship bank for the successful German Mittelstand, for major corporates and institutions in Europe as well as multinationals from all over the world. For each of our target groups, we aim to be the ""best bank"". In regional terms, we are concentrating on Germany, where we provide integrated financial services, operating a nationwide branch network to advise and sell our products to all customer groups. In corporate business, we also look upon Western, Central and Eastern Europe as our core market, and North America as well, where we have a long tradition. With our branch in the Dubai International Financial Centre we are now broadening our footprint in the Middle East."
Type:Commercial and Private banking

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